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I have taught City & Guilds Embroidery & Design Level 3, the Foundation Diploma in Art, and the National Diploma in Art & Design, specialising in textiles and design in Further Education for ten years. I am an organised, supportive and enthusiastic tutor and am able to offer talks, workshops and mentoring with the confidence that students will enjoy learning with me.

Please use the contact page if you require further information.


  • All talks include a slide or Powerpoint presentation unless stated otherwise.

  • Colour: The Song of Light

    How colour and its meaning influences every part of our lives; including how embroiderers and other artists use colour in their work.

  • Inspired by Pattern

    The language of pattern, its use in art and culture and as an inspiration for stitch.

  • If it doesn't move, it's a still life!

    Looking at how simple, everyday objects can become subjects for stitched images.

  • Working to a Theme

    How a theme can start you off on a road to self discovery and end in a body of work.

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"Some brilliant ideas - should make our work zing!."J.R. (about the Dyeing to Colour workshop)

"A lovely day. Lots of mixing, colours, dyes etc. Pity it couldn't go on longer! Lots of inspirational ideas."J.A. (about the Dyeing to Colour workshop)

"Lovely day. Lots of information. Lovely end product. Will definitely try this again at home."M.W. (about the Get Plastered! workshop)

"At long last produced something I will treasure. Thank you for a lovely day."C.B. (about the Get Plastered! workshop)

  • Most workshops require easy access to water.

  • Dyeing to Colour

    Dyeing papers and painting natural fabrics and threads using the Colour Theory to produce rich backgrounds for stitch. Also links in with the Colour: The Song of Light talk.

  • Get Plastered!

    A do it yourself approach! Stitching and manipulating fabrics, then using plaster and emulsion to stiffen, texture and mould to create a still life to frame. Inspired by a range of artists' work, surprise yourself with your skill with shape, texture and colour. Links in with the "If it doesn't move, it's a still life!" talk.

  • Get Started!

    Beginning a sketchbook working with patterns from architecture and developing a series of pages full of pattern, colour and texture. This also links in with the "Inspired by Pattern" talk.

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  • Mentoring sessions are designed to encourage students to move their work forward by helping them clarify ideas, themes and approaches, and to develop a way of working which is personal to them. Mentoring can be arranged for individuals or small groups. Please contact me to discuss this further if you think you may be interested, or would like to know more.

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