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Get Stuffed: Shape, stuff and stitch. (front cover)

By: Maggie Smith
ISBN: 978-1904499367
Published by: Roundtuit Publishing

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An exciting new book, from mixed-media and textile artist Maggie Smith, that's full of inspirational ideas and colourful photography

Her fresh approach uses quilt and applique techniques with both structured and creative hand stitched detail, showing the beginner and the experienced maker the possibilities of creating stunning work in both 2D and 3D. Stuffing is used in its widest sense, encouraging you to explore traditional methods and materials, but also to experiment with other ways of stuffing using for example, washers, plastic tubing, wire and compressed cotton balls. From textured, raised pattern, dimpled with exquisite stitches, painted and varnished surfaces using mixed media, to three dimensional stuffed birds and characterful dolls, the book will delight and encourage you to get started.

Maggie uses clear, concise language and takes you through a logical sequence from designing, looking at a range of accessible sources, through shaping and stuffing surfaces, embellishing with hand embroidery, creating for practical as well as decorative purposes, to developing quirky and imaginative finished pieces using basic shapes. Packed with practical tips and useful suggestions, this book will make you smile and launch you into creativity with fabric and thread inspired by a host of stitched and stuffed possibilities.

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Get Stuffed: Shape, stuff and stitch. Introduction page. Get Stuffed: Shape, stuff and stitch. Applied and stuffed shapes.
Get Plastered: plaster, print, and stitch. (front cover)

A4 with 58 Full Colour illustrations.
By: Maggie Smith
In partnership with: Victoria MacLeod as Stitch Partners
ISBN: 9781904499299
Published by: Roundtuit Publishing

Also available - DIY Embroidery: Ideas for Additions to Stitch

DIY Embroidery: Ideas for Additions to Stitch. (front cover)

By: Victoria MacLeod
In partnership with: Maggie Smith as Stitch Partners
ISBN: 9781904499282
Published by: Roundtuit Publishing

“DIY Embroidery” gives readers a host of ideas and inspiration to create embroideries with the left-overs from DIY projects ...more

Explore the possibilities of using plaster and paint to create texture, shape, and pattern on simple surfaces.

“Get Plastered” is a how to book showing a variety of exciting ways to create texture and surface detail on calico with a plaster and paint mixture. Using still life as a theme to work with, the simple techniques and ideas are explained clearly with excellent photographs and step-by-step instructions. There’s even a useful section: “Hints, tips and trouble shooting” enabling both beginners and the more experienced embroiderer to achieve some stunning effects with both hand and machine stitching.

Released in October 2008 alongside its companion book "DIY Embroidery: Ideas for Additions to Stitch" by Victoria MacLeod, "Get Plastered: plaster, print and stitch" is available to purchase through the web site.

sample images

Get Plastered: plaster, print, and stitch. Introduction page. Get Plastered: plaster, print, and stitch. Red plastered bottle (sample). Get Plastered: plaster, print, and stitch. (front cover)

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